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I haven't been keeping up with my various blogs and S.N. pages over the last few months very well but I *have* been busy doing a fair amount of work. A few things I've been doing include:

- finishing a feather fan for a client with a carved wooden handle
- stocking up on soft garment tanned leathers for bags of various sizes and descriptions
- teaching myself how to make thread out of deer sinew.
- making beautiful little beads out of foot bones from foxes and coyotes.

I'm hoping to keep up with my various blogs & social networking pages by implementing a posting schedule.

Hooray for web presence!
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Yep... This blog is essentially a "babble page" for the handmade stuff I do in bone, leather and occasionally other materials. These posts will probably include the following. If you would prefer the "daily doldrum" news of my every day adventures, that sort of thing goes into my LJ journal... under an entirely different name.... juicy stuff like gripes related to my brick and mortar shop and the 165+ year old house I live & work in! :p

Instead, here you may find:

-Announcements of new products I'm posting in the TrueCraft Etsy shop that I make.

- Gushy descriptions of nifty goods that I'm offering on TrueCraft Etsy for other people to make things with.

- Occasional rants related to the trials and tribulations of making things from unusual/hard to get materials.

If you are interested in talking "shop" about leatherwork, you might want to check out the "forleatherworks" interest group I run here and its twin sister on LJ.

That's the news for now... See you in the funny pages!
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Hi There!

I would like to kick things off with an "ambitious project" post! If you are being driven mad/ have increased your crazy quotient by a long-term project (or a longer-than-you-expected term project) please post about it!

Here's my first example:

This is a little backpack I foolishly agreed to make for a customer last August. I thought I could get it done by Thanksgiving. "Overambitious" isn't the half of it! First of all, I dislike working in complex projects in soft leather- Goddess Bless You if you do this on a regular basis- because it is too much like working in soft cloth for me. I find harder leathers easier to predict outcome-wise, *and* when it comes to sewing leather *I only know how to do two stitches competantly* (unlike my spelling). I recreated a small backpack by taking the original apart, taking a large number of photos and winging it. I did not finish this until APRIL OF THIS YEAR. I'd never sewn pockets or installed a zipper. Totally underestimated the labor... but here it is.

By the way... there's a good chance I screwed up linking to the photo. I have no idea what I did wrong, so here's a crappy link to the bag instead (further instruction would be appreciated)
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... There will be no additional pop quizzes in the future.


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