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Hi There!

I would like to kick things off with an "ambitious project" post! If you are being driven mad/ have increased your crazy quotient by a long-term project (or a longer-than-you-expected term project) please post about it!

Here's my first example:

This is a little backpack I foolishly agreed to make for a customer last August. I thought I could get it done by Thanksgiving. "Overambitious" isn't the half of it! First of all, I dislike working in complex projects in soft leather- Goddess Bless You if you do this on a regular basis- because it is too much like working in soft cloth for me. I find harder leathers easier to predict outcome-wise, *and* when it comes to sewing leather *I only know how to do two stitches competantly* (unlike my spelling). I recreated a small backpack by taking the original apart, taking a large number of photos and winging it. I did not finish this until APRIL OF THIS YEAR. I'd never sewn pockets or installed a zipper. Totally underestimated the labor... but here it is.

By the way... there's a good chance I screwed up linking to the photo. I have no idea what I did wrong, so here's a crappy link to the bag instead (further instruction would be appreciated)

Date: 2011-08-03 09:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] nkyinkyin
(note: this is klgaffney from FBH; this is my "woo" journal. hi!)

it looks *amazing*.

my project that's taking me forever and a day? EDITING MY #@%$*! NOVEL. i keep stumbling into stuff that needs to be rewritten/cut out entirely/expanded on. i am going to pull my hair out. i'm told it improves with every change, so that's good at least.


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